Monday, January 4, 2016

Mandala's on the Mind

Well, I usually have an allergic reaction to New Year's resolutions, so I'm not going to go there... BUT I have decided recently to aim the absent, sort of scattered crochet therapy that I've been known to indulge in between books into a more focused and intent filled practice.

Primarily because I need it, and because I came upon this fantastic book about crochet and healing that got my meditative engines all fired up.

So I've made a series of chakra mandalas, and that was fantastic, but didn't really assuage the mindfulness cravings. Then, a friend of mine put me onto this granny square a day vlog, and that looked cool but wasn't exactly right. Finally, I got around to putting the two ideas together and came up with the Mandala a Day idea for 2016.

Which we all know I won't manage to pull off.
But I'm still going to try it.
We can take bets on how long I make it before folding like a wet paper bag.

In the meantime here are my first four days of January 2016...

and a link to one of the best books on crochet I've seen:

And my chakra pattern is available in my Rav store.

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