Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pattern: Wrist Work Bag

While the puppet insanity is still in full swing, and I'm making and modifying patterns like a mad woman (okay, not LIKE a mad woman... still) I took a break to do another free pattern. This one is a wrist bag for holding your ball of yarn so you can crochet on the fly. I'd seen a knitted one in someone's project list and decided I just had to have one too.

We all know I don't do the pointy sticks... so, this one is super easy, works up really fast and is useful too.

Wrist Work Bag: 

With H hook and cotton..

6sc in magic ring
*inc around* (12)
*sc, inc* around (18)
*sc, sc, inc* around (24)
*sc, sc, sc, inc* around (30)
join with ss 
chain four, dc in same space
*skip 2 sc, (dc, chain 2 dc, chain 1) in next sc* repeat around for row of dc Vstitches
Work dc V stitch (dc, chain 2 dc, chain 1) in chain one spaces between V stitches of previous row. I did seven rows of V stitches for my bag and it's about the right height for a ball of yarn. 
sc around for three rows
ss together, chain 28-30 (depending on your wrist and length of handle you want) ss to bag top on opposite side.
sc back along chain. 
ss to rim. 
sc back to opposite side
ss to rim
sc back, ss and finish off.
Weave in ends. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

More with Puppety

Well the puppet bug has bit me hard. I have polished up the pattern for the basic hand puppet with variations and it's now available on my ravelry store.
LINK: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/frances-pauli-designs

As much fun as I'm having with that one and the wonderful puppets my test crochet folks have made too, I want to do up a hand puppet that can hold  things and use its arms as well. So, I'm back to the testing/drafting stage and fiddling with some ideas for a simple hand puppet with hands pattern.

So far, I've had one awkward goof and one that I really like. I think I'm getting close to how I want this to look....

She is the spirit of the Eastern Wind, and I'll be doing four in elemental colors. For now, I'm out of black, so her arms need to be longer and I have to come back in and extend the black under sleeve so it covers the puppeteers arm for better performing.

Still needs some refining, but it should be ready for testing fairly soon.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

An Old Love- The Puppet [Crochet] Arts

Once upon a time I was obsessed with puppetry. This won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows how obsessive I am. In fact, the list of  my past obsessions, in particular artsy/crafty ones could fill a small library. (okay, really really small, but still)

Recently some puppet links have caught my attention on Facebook. A few posts here and there, my ears perked up, etc. I started a puppet board on Pinterest. There's a pattern here.

Anyway, I got to thinking about crochet and how its something I do a lot of anyway and since I'm a puppet nut, why not crochet some... enter: Waldo the Weasel.

I am having so much fun! Also, I may be writing plays too, not unfortunately for kids, to my son's chagrin. (he is enjoying Waldo quite a bit) Still, I think I'm onto something. I love the idea of puppets not controlled by string, but MADE from it. 

This will be Emi, Waldo's hearthrob.... (sadly she has a crush on Frank Ferret)

Learning a lot as I go about how I want to shape the base structure for best movement and also how to vary the character with different shaping techniques. (and a diverse use of fun fur)

I'm sure eventually, I'll have patterns to post... and maybe videos.

stitch on.