Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pattern: Wrist Work Bag

While the puppet insanity is still in full swing, and I'm making and modifying patterns like a mad woman (okay, not LIKE a mad woman... still) I took a break to do another free pattern. This one is a wrist bag for holding your ball of yarn so you can crochet on the fly. I'd seen a knitted one in someone's project list and decided I just had to have one too.

We all know I don't do the pointy sticks... so, this one is super easy, works up really fast and is useful too.

Wrist Work Bag: 

With H hook and cotton..

6sc in magic ring
*inc around* (12)
*sc, inc* around (18)
*sc, sc, inc* around (24)
*sc, sc, sc, inc* around (30)
join with ss 
chain four, dc in same space
*skip 2 sc, (dc, chain 2 dc, chain 1) in next sc* repeat around for row of dc Vstitches
Work dc V stitch (dc, chain 2 dc, chain 1) in chain one spaces between V stitches of previous row. I did seven rows of V stitches for my bag and it's about the right height for a ball of yarn. 
sc around for three rows
ss together, chain 28-30 (depending on your wrist and length of handle you want) ss to bag top on opposite side.
sc back along chain. 
ss to rim. 
sc back to opposite side
ss to rim
sc back, ss and finish off.
Weave in ends.