Friday, December 13, 2013

A Natural Pairing

I love it when two seemingly unrelated things come together into a beautiful blend...almost as if they were made for one another. This is probably why I write toward the romance end of the fiction spectrum. However, today a friend emailed me this link:

and I was completely swept off my feet. In a totally non-romantic way.
Reiki is something I have practiced, taught and lived for years, and to find it blended with fiber arts should not have surprised me, but it did.

Anyway, I wanted to share it, in case someone else is as unaware as I was of the nice dovetail. If you like prayer shawls, friendship scarves or any of the numerous versions of healing and fibers then the above link is definitely worth your time.

Namaste and happy needles.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's a Polyp...really.

THIS is what happens when I procrastinate:


Okay, I used regular red heart worsted weight scrap yarn and an F hook. 
This is amigurumi style so count around in a spiral and don't ss join your rows together. I also used safety eyes, which I got in a swap and am now IN LOVE with. You can do whatever you like for embellishments etc. 

ss slip stitch
sc single crochet
dc double crochet
hdc half double crochet
f/o finish off

round 1- do six single crochet in a magic ring
round 2- 2sc in each sc (12)
round 3- 1 sc in first sc then 2sc in next sc around (18)
round 4- 1 sc in first 2 sc then 2sc in next sc around (24)
round 5- 1sc in first 3 sc then 2sc in next sc around (30)
round 6- 1sc in first 4 sc then 2sc in next sc around (36)
round 7 working in back loops only 1sc in each sc around (36)
round 8-16 (both loops) 1sc in each sc around (36)
(I attached my eyes between row 10 and 11)

make bottom exactly as rounds 1-6 and then F/O

hold flat bottom to bottom edge of body. with complimentary color join with a ss. 
working in one loop from each part do:
hdc, 3 dc, hdc, ss, all the way around. 
stuff before you get too far! 
If you want the wavy bits to be bigger, go around again in the same pattern. 
F/O and weave in tail. 

chain 11 
3 hdc in second chain from hook
3hdc in each chain to end of chain
attach to top of moster head. 

Aside from colors and size of hook, you can pretty much do anything with this one. More curlies on the head, arms, fins, flippers.... go crazy! 

Monday, July 29, 2013


Well, we know I'm a Ravelry addict, but I've just ventured into SWAP land and I'm hooked...again.
I'm still learning, and need practice packing my own packages with such fiber goodness, but I'll get the hang of it in the end I'm sure. The above is an amazing swap package I received from a fellow amigurumi aficionado, and below are a series of pix of the package that arrived today from another Star Fleet Fiber Corps Officer.
Thanks ladies! I love it all.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rough and Tumble Coaster Set

I'm not exactly sure where the idea for this one came from, except that I needed nice, glass set had so many chips around the edges that our fingers were in danger every time we used them, and I wanted to make them sturdy and able to be used outside for picnics/bbq or just having some coffee on the patio. 

So I sent my husband to the store with a request that he bring back a "big ol ball" of sisal garden twine, followed by an assurance that there was such a thing, and yes, it would be easy to find. 

With a ball of sisal garden twine and a size K crochet hook.

dc- double crochet
ss- slip stitch
sc-single crochet

12 dc in a magic ring ss together
ch 3 (doesn't count as dc) 2dc in each dc around (24 dc) ss tog.
ch 2 *sc in next dc then 2sc in next dc* around. ss together 
cut sisal finish off and weave in end.
With scissors, trip all the long stings that stick out (give them a quick shave) for tidiness.

The sisal can be rough on your hands. You have to really work it but it can take a beating. After four, my  hands were getting sore, but it wasn't too bad. The coasters will curl up a little at the edge which works great with small galsses and coffee cups. If you are a giant mug drinker (like me) they are perfect sized and the mug of coffee will quickly flatten them out. They're flexible and easy to mold/manipulate because of the sisal. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Test Tube Amigurumi

Since I've decided to get into putting up patterns, I suppose I'd better put up a disclaimer too. All my patterns are for your use to do whatever you so please with them. That means, make them for yourself, make them for gifts and if you feel like it, go ahead and sell what you make too...just not the pattern itself, cause like, it's free here and stuff.
Also, if you tell anyone about the patterns, please send them here or to my Ravelry designs and give me credit for them etc.

Otherwise just go for it!

Test Tube Amigurumi

This little amigurumi test tube could be stuffed and sealed, I suppose, but I like the idea of utility items, and I just know someone creative could sort out some clever way to use it. Perhaps as a case for pens, or needles or as a gift for a science minded kiddo stuffed with candy sticks, suckers or pixie sticks... Someone really really creative (not me) could probably design a neato rack to put three or more of them in for their mad scientist decorated bedroom.

G hook
worsted weight acrylic in white and whatever color your "experiment" will be. 
(the pattern would work with any gauge or yarn and probably just give you diff. sized tubes.)

sc - Single Crochet
ss - slip stitch
rsc - reverse single crochet or "crab stitch"


With experiment color,
make 6sc in the magic ring (check youtube for tutorials. Best way to start ever!)
sc 2times in each sc for a total of 12 sc. 
sc in each sc around 
and around 
and around...
when you color change depends on how full your test tube wants to be. Keep in mind your total size and do a color change to white when you feel it's enough. I do the change at the beginning of a round. 
with white:
continue sc in each sc around until the tube is approx. five and a half inches long. 
Rsc around the rim for a rolled edge. 
ss together.
cut finish off and weave in ends. 


So even a full test tube has that little clear reflection at the bottom, and if you're as ocd as I am, you might want to try a variation like the one in the center of pic. I just did the 6sc in the magic ring in white and then immediately switched to my green potion and then back to white for the top. I'm not sure which way I like them better. 
Also a long chain would make a nice hanger. I'd just finish my rsc row and then chain a long enough strap for the purpose and then attache it to the opposite side of the tube just below the rsc row. 


House Pride

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flower Scrubbie Pattern

Apparently there's nothing new under the sun. I made this pattern up after my mum brought home a net scrubbie washcloth combo from a friend's house. Man, I thought, that's clever. You could make a really awesome flower out of one of those net scrubbies. :) So, I worked out the design below and then I went onto Ravelry to see if anyone else had done something similar....which of course they had.

But they're all a bit different, so here's my version. Reinventing the wheel so to speak. Most of the ones I've seen have solid petals. Mine is made of chain loops. I have no idea if that's good or bad. :)

Flower Scrubbie

plastic net scrubber
size G crochet hook

ss= slip stitch
ch= chain
sc= single crochet
hdc= half double crochet

round one:
poking the crochet hook through the scrubbie at the circumference and making sure to catch enough of the net to have a secure attachment, sc around the outside edge, evenly spacing your stitches and joining with a ss when you finish the circuit.

round two:
ch 2
*hdc in the next 4sc. hdc twice in the next sc* repeat *to * all the way around. ss together
(note: depending on how many sc you ended up with you may end in the middle of a repeat, so long as the round will lay somewhat flat and it joins up, you'll be fine) 

round three: 
the "petals" are made of chains and you'll have to turn the scrubbie this way and that to form them, but so long as they loop and attach at the right points the flower will look right. 
Chain 10 skip one hdc and ss into the next hdc
chain 10 and ss into the skipped hdc (from back to front)
*chain 10 skip ahead past the last chain and one hdc and ss in the next hdc
chain 10 ss back into the skipped hdc*
repeat from * to * all the way around. 
when you get to the first chain ss to last hdc finish off and weave in ends. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


I have discovered a new way to distract myself (read that procrastinate) with fiber fun.
My first quidditch goal of my Hogwarts career. 
Go Ravenclaw!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Personalized Tunisian Mug Wrap

I wanted to make a Tunisian simple stitch mug wrap so that I could cross-stitch or embroider monograms or symbols onto them easily. The instructions below produce a wrap that will fit a standard, straight sided coffee mug. If you have a larger mug or want a bigger wrap, there are notes in parenthesis on how to increase the finished wrap.
Remember when adding width (beginning chain length) that you need to keep room for the edging and still not have a mouthful of fibers when you try to sip your coffee or tea! :)

Worsted weight acrylic or similar sized yarn in two or more colors.
Tunisian/Afghan hook size I
crochet hook size H

TSS Tunisian Simple Stitch
sc Single Crochet
slip stitch

On Tunisian hook, chain 10 (11,12)
TSS until the work measures 8 inches (or more*)
Finish off with color one.

Using crochet hook, attach edging color in corner with a slip stitch. Chain one and sc in corner.
Chain 30 and slip stitch to sc at beginning of chain
sc down short side of wrap
In corner: sc chain 30 slip stitch in original sc, chain one and sc in corner
sc across long edge
In the corner: sc, chain one, sc
sc up short side of wrap
In corner: sc, chain one, sc
sc across long side of wrap
Slip stitch to very beginning attach slip stitch, cut yarn and finish off

Weave in all ends.
Use coffee mug to position two big buttons and attach on short end opposite loops. Or you can use one button if the loops will reach. Then embellish your cup however you like with a tapestry needle and coordinating yarn. :)

* when figuring out how long to TSS make sure the wrap will go mostly around the cup, but remember that you will be adding edging to both ends. It is usually better to end with a little extra room. Stretch wrap around cup and make sure it doesn't reach the handle on both ends. You can always make slightly longer chains, but taking out rows of stitching is no fun. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Charity Crochet Dragon and MORE for Crestline

The Evil League of Evil authors is holding a charity auction here for Crestline Elementary. 

First off, the cause is just and might. We're talking about kids whose school burned down here, folks, and you don't get much less evil than that. 

Secondly. The stuff really rocks. 
Critiques of your query or manuscript chapters
Mentoring by published authors
Cameo spots in the a novel
Signed book, crafts, sword fights, true love! 

May have gotten a bit carried away. But still...Please check it out. 
I have chapter crits up from yours truly, a novel cameo in one of my future books and this:

Evil Dragon. ..
opening bids are super reasonable and all you have to do is go to the LIVE AUCTIONS list and dive in.

Check out the other tabs while you're at it, and see why its such a big deal to us. 

THANKS EVERYONE!!! Happy Bidding. 

~ Frances

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tunisian Latte Cozy

Free Pattern:

TSS= Tunisian Simple Stitch.
This project is worked on a double ended tunisian hook "in the round." 
There are some fabulous tutorials on Youtube that explain the technique far better than I can. :)
(My gauge was an I hook with worsted weight acrylic. All you have to do is adjust your chain and row # to use what you have and make it fit)

Chain 28 and slip stitch together. 
TSS in the round for eight rows.
Bind off and weave in ends. 

Tricky, huh? 


Friday, January 11, 2013