Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't forget to Craft, folks!

I have been less than pleasant this last month. I know. Who would have guessed? :D

Seriously, though, I've been down, worn out, cranky, and generally feeling the blues, seasonal or not. I mean, school started, and for a homeschooling mom that means work started. I have novels coming out others coming back in with big, lovely rejection letters attached, I have a release coming, a preschool co-op to work into my regular school day, holidays coming, a birthday party to plan, costumes to make for Halloween, etc.

And I've been feeling the stress. Not just a leetle.

But in the midst of all that, I decided to sign up for another Ravel Trek tour. I just had way too much fun this summer to miss out on the next round. Anyway, today they assigned ships and announced a "mini-mission" and I was off. I'd been waiting for this, and here it was. Time to crochet!

I made a soap sack. Just a wee project. It took me less than half an hour.


How is it that one little selfish indulgence can off-gas all that stress? I don't understand the physics of it, but dang. I need to remember that little trick. Play. Dear heavens yes. PLAY.
Don't forget to craft folks, it might just save your life.

Ensign Neffis of the USS Noro (as of today)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Most Fictional Fun I've Ever Had

I started this blog for a silly reason. You see, my best friend talked me into signing up for Ravelry and I needed a way to get photos into posts easily, and I couldn't figure out the tech angle. The only thing I worked out is that if they had a url already (like from a blog post) that I could easily get them where I wanted them. Hence, I started a blog specifically for fiber arts and to host photos of stuff I wanted to share there.

Have you played on Ravelry yet? Man, get on over there and dive in.

Anyway, I obviously got hooked. No pun intended. I filled up my queue with projects, loaded up on favorite patterns and added every fiber book I own (and some I want to own) into my Ravelry library.
I joined groups. I crocheted like a fiend for a month or two. I chatted about Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, Literature, Amigurami, and Star Trek....

you know, all the cool stuff. :)

This last summer I even participated in the Ravelympics and earned a sweet medal in Shawl Sailing.
Check it out:

But by far the most fun I've discovered has been in something called: Ravel Trek
yeah, if you know me, you can hear the squeeing already.

They play Star Trek on Ravelry, and it. is. beyond. cool.
I joined Starfleet. I was a cadet at the academy, I got assigned to a ship, went on a deep space tour of duty and completed a few missions (including one disastrous away mission) all from the comfort of my laptop and with my thread and hook in hand.

I even printed out the Official Ravel Trek Star Fleet Fiber Corps New Recruit Guide.
In short, I geeked out.
Here is where you can play too:

And I have to show off my little badge for completing a mission: