Friday, May 22, 2015

More with Puppety

Well the puppet bug has bit me hard. I have polished up the pattern for the basic hand puppet with variations and it's now available on my ravelry store.

As much fun as I'm having with that one and the wonderful puppets my test crochet folks have made too, I want to do up a hand puppet that can hold  things and use its arms as well. So, I'm back to the testing/drafting stage and fiddling with some ideas for a simple hand puppet with hands pattern.

So far, I've had one awkward goof and one that I really like. I think I'm getting close to how I want this to look....

She is the spirit of the Eastern Wind, and I'll be doing four in elemental colors. For now, I'm out of black, so her arms need to be longer and I have to come back in and extend the black under sleeve so it covers the puppeteers arm for better performing.

Still needs some refining, but it should be ready for testing fairly soon.


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