Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Can't Quilt

I've tried to quilt. I really love them. Something about the patterns, the little bits of cast off fabric all reassembled into a thing of gets my happy going. I've been known to participate in bidding wars with little old ladies when the hand stitched quilts come up at auction. I took a class on the history of fiber arts and swooned over every crazy quilt.

But I just can't do it.

I have a quilting block or something. Pun intended. So when I had my kiddos, I really really wanted to make them quilts...and I didn't. I imagined it, making a block for each milestone, every birthday, etc. The finished, gleaming quilt would be presented at graduation or possibly on the eve of their wedding (which had damn sure better come after graduation) and lovingly received.

Yall know I write fantasy right?

Okay, so what's a mom who can't quilt to do? Well, this one is going to crochet. It's all I've got, really. My eldest grub was reading a story last week, Josephina and the Story Quilt, for lit class, and since we home school, that meant I was reading it too. It got those old quilt pangs going again, and I decided if I couldn't sew them a memory blanket, I could certainly crochet them one.

So we're off. One square per year so far and I'm up to four each and counting. I'm hoping to have all five of the youngest's done this week and finish up eight for my boy before long. It's a ton of fun.
Why would I do it if it wasn't?

Best part so far has been picking out the specific squares for each year. I've found some great ideas! (bless you, Ravelry) And planning the ones I might do next. I'll get pictures up as soon as possible, and hopefully, show as I go.

Happy hooking

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